Celebrating Babies on Mother’s and Father’s Day

When each of my mother’s daughters was a baby, she had our pictures taken at a studio and framed them with a pair of our baby shoes, gilded. Fifty years down the road, each time I enter my parents’ dining room I am so thankful to have this reminder of where I started.

Three Baby Girls

To celebrate babies everywhere, Marshall Frame Shop is offering a hot deal on the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce website.

On Mother’s or Father’s Day this year, give the moms and dads in your life a gift that will brighten their homes and hearts.

Thanks to Photoworks at 107 E Main Street in Marshall for bringing my little sister’s photo back from a VERY faded state.

Gathering of Professional Picture Framers

On a Sunday afternoon in October, Marshall Frame Shop hosted a gathering of professional framers from our area. Randy, retired owner of Seasons Gallery, shared some of his 40 years of experience with Betsy of Shetek Station in Tracy, Henry of Custom Framing in Slayton, and Bonnie of Green Lighthouse Photo and Frame. Of course, I was there as well. We talked about mounting techniques, shared information about our favorite projects and developed our hand-carved mat cutting skills. As usual, I forgot to snap a photo, so you will just have to stop in at one of our shops and ask us how what we learned can make your special item shine!

Custom Framing in Slayton

Henry has been in the business since he owned the old variety store in Slayton. Our TC Moulding sales rep introduced us. He shares advice on suppliers, inventory management, and miscellany about nature and life. We have checked in with each other when we need certain mats or supplies.

Custom Framing
2547 Broadway Ave
Slayton MN

Green Lighthouse Photo and Frame in Morton

Bonnie and I met at a spring gathering hosted by TC Moulding, one of our suppliers. She and I were wandering around checking out new products and tools. I overheard her say that she was from Morton; I mentioned that I was from Marshall. Next thing you know, we were exchanging information. We’ve shared extra stock items like moulding and consolidated orders to receive better prices which we can pass on to our customers.

Green Lighthouse Photo and Frame
321 Valley Dr
Morton MN

Shetek Station in Tracy

I heard about Shetek Station long before I opened a frame shop. Owner Betsy has loyal customers all around Tracy Minnesota. After a recent table saw accident, I reached out to Betsy for help on some frame jobs. She was wonderful. Since then we have helped each other with failed equipment, sharing advice on pricing, and sharing services when we need it.

Shetek Station
416 Morgan St
Tracy MN

Glazing and Glass

I grew up thinking glazing was what covered my favorite doughnut. When I began picture framing, they kept talking about ‘glazing’ a picture. I spent a bit of time pondering why anyone would want to sugar coat a picture. In the picture framing industry ‘glazing’ means putting glass over the picture. Ever wonder what kind of glass is used in picture framing? Continue reading “Glazing and Glass”