Glazing and Glass

I grew up thinking glazing was what covered my favorite doughnut. When I began picture framing, they kept talking about ‘glazing’ a picture. I spent a bit of time pondering why anyone would want to sugar coat a picture. In the picture framing industry ‘glazing’ means putting glass over the picture. Ever wonder what kind of glass is used in picture framing?

This Wikipedia article explains the what and why of picture framing glass.

At Marshall Frame Shop we normaly stock five different types of TruVue glass:

Premium Clear: This is a high quality clear glass that offers protection from air born particles, but UV light reached the image and cause fading over time.

Reflection Control: A glass treated to disperse light reflecting off its surface. While it means that you see less reflection in the glass, it also has a slight cloudiness that is more pronounced the further the glass is from the item. No UV filtering, so your image may fade over time.

Conservation Clear: Treated to filter out 99% of UV light, this is an affordable option to help protect your framed item from fading. Just a step above Premium Clear.

Conservation Reflection Control: This option combines reflection control and blocks 99% of UV light. It has a similar cloudiness when the item is framed farther from the glass.

Museum: The best glass on the market. It both blocks 99% of UV lights and prevents harsh glare from bright light. Many people don’t even realize there is glass in the frame when this product is used. Stop into the shop to see a sample.

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